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Splashlandings, Alton Towers


Madame Tussauds



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Project Details:

A water park with 1000m2 of water, indoor pools, outdoor pools, flumes, Master Blaster, childrens tower, river, tipping bucket and many other features.

Our Role:

Design reviews of the water treatment and water feature systems; site monitoring of installation and commissioning.

Design Team


Shepherd Design

Aquatic Consultants:

Devin Consulting

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Shepherd Design

In water parks there is the potential for very high bathing loads in relatively low volumes of water, i.e. because of the generally shallow nature of water in these facilities. Also, because of the large number of features, the amount of water vapour that is transferred from the pool water to the atmosphere is substantially greater than in any other type of water facility. Given the range and size of pools at Alton Towers, a number of independent water treatment plants have been provided in order to maintain an appropriate water quality. The enhanced water treatment is provided by means of ozonation followed by carbon filtration.