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Tropical Cyclone

Center Parcs Whinfell Forest, Penrith

Center Parcs Whinfell Forest, Penrith - Tropical Cyclone

Project details

The addition of a new flume ride to Center Parcs Whinfell’s Sub Tropical Swimming Paradise, working around an existing live plantroom and pool hall which remained operational and open to guests throughout the works. The construction of a 125m-long four-person raft flume ride called Tropical Cyclone with new flume tower and plantroom built underneath the ride tower. The new plantroom and ride tower is linked to the existing Sub Tropical Swimming Paradise plantroom and Sub Tropical Swimming Paradise pool hall.

Project role

Design and specification of the pool water treatment system serving the flume, the concrete flume water holding tank and the 3no. large flume feature pumps; site monitoring of installation and commissioning.

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The flume has an independent  water treatment plant serving its concrete flume water holding tank into which the flume skim out dewaters into.  3no. flume feature pumps draw water from the holding tank to deliver to various stages of the ride before returning to the holding tank via the flume skim out for re-treatment.  The water treatment system incorporates Locron L flocculation, medium rate filtration on single grade sand beds, photo-oxidation using ultraviolet, heating, pH control, residual disinfectant control using chlorine, and alkalinity addition to overcome the low alkalinity soft local mains water supply in the Cumbria region.

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  • Client:

    Center Parcs

  • Project Manager & MEPH:

    Edmond Shipway LLP

  • Completion:


  • Budget:

    circa £8m

  • Architect:

    Holder Mathias

  • Structural Engineers:


  • Main Contractor:


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