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Sustainability in the Pool and Spa industry


Open the door to increased sustainably

Through improved hydraulic design, plant specification, system controls, and water recovery, our solutions can be up to 50% more efficient than other designs and providers.

For sustainability, ECO water treatment is the new design approach developed by Devin, taking full account of Passive House and PWTAG Net Zero guidelines. ECO criteria commences with setting energy targets and then addresses up to 25 specific aspects of system design, including complete system headloss modelling, to provide for a fully optimised low-energy plant. We would be delighted to bring this expertise to the project as an optional service.

Long term sustainability of leisure facilities

In our capacity as designers Devin recognises the opportunity to positively influence the long-term sustainability of leisure facilities.

Through early identification and careful design, it is feasible to minimise:

  • Energy consumption
  • Carbon emissions
  • Water consumption
  • Chemicals usage

Design measures to reduce energy and resource expenditure

The following Devin ECO water treatment design measures will have a significant potential to positively influence the pool water treatment system sustainability characteristics, and as such to help reduce the energy and resource expenditure on the scheme:

No. Design measures
1 Establish energy targets
2 System capacity or plant size
3 Plant location
4 Balance tank location
5 Balance tank design
6 Surface water removal/transfer channel design
7 Strainer basket design
8 Pump flooded suction
9 Pump reducers and diffusers
10 Pump efficiency
11 Pump variable speed drives
12 Other pumping considerations
13 Pipework layout
14 Pipework velocities
15 Pipework fittings
16 Filtration methodology
17 UV system design
18 Instrumentation, operational flexibility, automation
19 Backwash water recovery
20 Backwash water heat recovery
21 System insulation
22 Rainwater recovery
23 Completion of design for construction
24 Installation of design
25 Commissioning of design
26 Operator training


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