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Aqua Vale, Aylesbury

Aqua Vale, Aylesbury Spa Pool

Project details

25m x 17m pool with movable floor, leisure pool with flumes, lazy river and children’s pool. Water treatment on the pools to PWTAG standards, movable floor to BS EN 13451-11, water features.

A major refurbishment and upgrade of Aqua Vale Swimming & Fitness Centre was carried out to include the pool water treatment; new UV systems were provided on other water areas.

There are two water treatment systems with water distribution systems to ensure water is distributed to all parts of the pools including both above and below the movable floor, and incorporating circulation pumping, PAC flocculation, medium rate sand filtration, ultraviolet irradiation, pH control and disinfectant residual control.

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  • Client:

    Aylesbury Vale Council

  • Completion:


  • Architects:

    Faulkner Browns

  • Quantity Surveyor:


  • M&E Engineers:


  • Pool Consultant:

    Devin Consulting

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