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Hamdan Sports Complex (Dubai Aquatic Centre), UAE


Dubai Municipality



Construction Cost:


Project Details:

50m x 25m pool, diving pool and a 50m x 21m multipurpose pool incorporating 2 submersible booms and 1 submersible floor.

Our Role:

Water treatment on all pools, moveable floor and submersible booms and diving pool air cushion systems.

Design Team



Quantity Surveyor:

David Langdon

Structural Engineer:


M & E Engineers:


Pool Consultant:

Devin Consulting

one of the BIGGEST multi-purpose facilities in the world

At Hamdan Sports Complex (Dubai Aquatic Centre) three independent water treatment plants were provided, one for each of the two 50m swimming pools and one for the diving pool. In addition a fourth water treatment plant is provided for the divers' warm pool.

The water treatment systems on all pools incorporate circulation to take account of all submersible booms and movable floors.