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Seaham Oriental Spa, Durham


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A luxurious spa facility incorporating a leisure pool with various wellness facilities, hydrotherapy pool, a Haman spa, and a cold plunge pool.

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Water treatment and water features on all spa facilities including decorative features.

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Telford Hart

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Devin Consulting

award winning serenity spa 

The award winning spa at Seaham Hall Hotel & Spa, Sunderland incorporates a number of highly sophisticated water treatment systems in order to provide the highest quality water in all pools. In addition to the standard treatment processes of circulation, flocculation and sand filtration, enhanced water treatment is provided consisting of ozonation followed by activated carbon filtration. The benefits of ozone, a tri-atomic molecule of oxygen, are that it is highly reactive in terms of breaking down pollutants in the water, and the essential by-product of the chemical itself is oxygen. The ozone treated waters have been described as ‘being like swimming in Evian’.