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premiership football academy


Premiership Football Academy



Project Details:

Nine specialist pools and three heat experiences are provided within a luxury wellness and spa setting, for sports rehabilitation, relaxation and training.

Our Role:

Design and specification of the pools, water treatment, movable floor and heat experiences; site monitoring of installation and commissioning.

Design Team


Rafael Vinoly

Structural Engineer:


Aquatic Consultants:

Devin Consulting

M & E Engineers:


state of the art

The pools include a hydrotherapy pool with movable floor and massage stations, two cold plunge pools, two hot plunge pools, two Hydroworx pools with varying water depth treadmills, a hot spa pool and a training flow pool with counter current jets.

Seven water treatment systems are provided incorporating PAC flocculation, medium rate filtration on single grade sand beds, photo-oxidation using ultraviolet, heating, pH control and residual disinfectant control – to provide excellent, safe and hygienic pool water quality.