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Private Pool, Dublin


Private client



Project Details:

18m x 17m pool with a movable floor. The floor is finished with natural stone to match the pool surrounds, to facilitate alternative usage of the pool hall.

Our Role:

Design and specification of movable floor, pool water treatment.

Design Team


Brazil Lohan

Quantity Surveyor:

Austin Reddy

Structural Engineer:

P. H. McCarthy

Pool Consultant:

Devin Consulting

The movable floor is constructed on the basis of a rigid stainless steel grade 316 structural frame, with buoyancy blocks to provide the required upward lift, and stone slabs for the surface finish. As the floor has the facility to be used in the dry mode, the buoyancy provision has been provided substantially in excess of that required by BS EN 13451 Part 11.

In order to facilitate ease of movement of the floor, the stone slabs are kept apart from each other by 4mm gaps. This was determined to be adequate to allow the required water flow through the floor but also small enough to prevent narrow heels on ladies shoes passing through. The pool tank was constructed to a tolerance of +/- 2mm both in terms of vertical elevation and horizontal plane, so that when the floor itself was raised, the typical gap between the moveable floor and the pool surround was 4mm.

Double stainless steel cables are provided on each pull down point, such that should any single cable fail then there will be a standby cable to protect the floor structure.