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Latymer Upper school


Latymer Upper School



Project Details:

A 25m competition pool with movable floor

Our Role:

Design of the water treatment system and movable pool structure; site monitoring of installation and commissioning.

Design Team


Faulkner Browns

Quantity Surveyor:


Structural Engineer:

Elliot Wood Partnership

M & E Engineers:

Hoare Lea

Pool Consultant:

Devin Consulting

award winning pool

Circulation within the training pool takes account of the movable floor.

The water treatment system incorporates PAC flocculation, medium rate filtration on sand, photo-oxidation using ultraviolet, heating, pH control and residual disinfectant control using chlorine. VSDs control pump flows linked to an electronic flow meter.  The movable floor in   training pool provides a range of water depths for different training activities.