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Google Pool, Dublin


Google, EU HQ



Project Details:

25m x 6.5m freeboard steel lap pool for employees of Google, Dublin.

Our Role:

Design of pool water treatment to PWTAG standard. Design of the pool and balance tanks.

Design Team


HJ Lyons

Quantity Surveyor:

Gardiner Theobald

Structural Engineer:


M & E Engineers:


Pool Consultant:

Devin Consulting

existing building layout provided some challenges

Provision of a 25m lap pool and its associated treatment system within the structural constraints of an existing building.  The water treatment plant at Google, Dublin is located two floors below the pool tank due to the limitations imposed by the existing building.

An upstand stainless steel framed 25m pool tank with a pvc liner is provided.  Circulation pipework is concealed within the pool tank upstand walls.

The water treatment system incorporates PAC flocculation, medium rate filtration on sand media beds, photo-oxidation using ultraviolet, heating, pH control and residual disinfectant control using chlorine. VSDs control pump flows.