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Pool & spa expertise

Independent expertise

Since 2000, Devin, an ISO 9001 company, has provided independent expert advice on specialist pool and spa engineering elements.  Our engineers have more than 60 years of combined experience in the pool and spa industry.  Our expertise incorporates:

•  pool water treatment
•  heat experiences
•  movable pool structures
•  pool and interactive water features
•  decorative water features
•  pool tanks


Professional delivery

The design of swimming pools and spas requires a high level of engineering expertise. The key to ensuring the success of these buildings is to involve all professionals early in the design process.  Devin provides the following services:

It is crucial for an aquatic engineer to get involved early in a project to ensure the effective integration of pool tanks, plant rooms, heated cabins, pumping stations, holding tanks, hydraulic systems and chemical storage.

By doing so, disruptive and abortive design costs can be avoided in the future.

Our business philosophy is based on providing the right product at the right price.

The only way to achieve comprehensive engineering solutions in a highly competitive construction environment is to carefully specify them.

In addition to carefully crafted specifications for the specific needs of each project, Devin also provides a schedule of engineering drawings that are fully interfaced with other design professionals.

As a result of providing this information, the playing field is levelled so that tenders can be submitted on an equal basis to enable competitive bidding.

Getting involved early in projects allows Devin to ensure more efficient design, more efficient engineering, and better building design.

Professional water, features and heat experience systems' design is important in the development of pools and their associated buildings where the integration of architectural, structural, mechanical, electrical and drainage elements is necessary.

Our team has over 60 years’ experience of the specialist engineering market, so Devin has extensive knowledge of subcontractor selection.

It is crucial that appointed subcontractors have the capability to work to the standards specified. Devin also evaluates tenders and provides detailed tender reports with recommendations.

With the right design, an appropriate subcontractor and an appropriate price, the installation works can commence with the reassurance that risk has been minimised.

Devin carry out regular site inspections to check that the installation works are in accordance with specification, and are properly co-ordinated with other trades.

Comprehensive and effective commissioning is the key to a successful installation.

Bespoke commissioning documents are prepared for each design, which are applied by the subcontractor, then independently verified by Devin.  Important mechanical, hydraulic, chemical and microbiological criteria must be satisfied to enable completion.

Before a pool is handed over from the contractor to the client, the water quality should be verified for its safety, hygiene and attractiveness. Heat experiences and features need to be verified for functionality


3 reasons to choose Devin

 There are three reasons to choose Devin as your specialist engineering consultant for pool and spa projects:

  • Addressing the client and the project needs at the outset
  • Providing the right design at the best price
  • Designing sustainable solutions up to 50% more efficient than the trade
  • Providing informed and coordinated design
  • Careful selection of subcontractors
  • Detailed site monitoring and commissioning checks

100% of our clients tell us they would recommend us and over the years we have built strong relationships with all disciplines, from Architects to Project Managers and Clients directly.


“Prime Development Ltd has successfully worked with Devin on the new Bulgari Hotel, Knightsbridge.  We are happy to recommend Devin Consulting for future swimming pool projects.” 

Phill Clayton, Senior Project Manager, Prime Development Ltd, London.


"Devin Consulting's knowledge on aquatic issues has been invaluable and their design solutions for our pool have met all our specific requirements."

Professor Stephen Baker, Development Director, University of Surrey


“Their contribution was integral to providing a successful Maryhill Leisure Centre.” 

Ron Drozdziak, Cost Management Team Leader, Glasgow City Council


“The Devin specifications we have used are some of the best we have seen; this allows us to level the playing field for competitive tenders and to avoid costly post tender additional works.”

Mark Rutherford, Senior Technical Manager, Serco