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Why work with us

Reasons to engage with us

Top team

Because Devin has the largest team of independent aquatic specialists outside the US we can design, engineer and specify the very best water containment, treatment and features for pools and spas. Our team’s track record of success working on over 600 pool projects is reflected by 100% of our clients saying they would recommend us to others.

Reduced risk and cost:

  • Right first time using robust design thinking and innovative engineering
  • Exacting specifications written to provide the right design solution
  • Project efficiencies through the precise dovetailing of specialist disciplines
  • Equivalent based tendering and risk reduction using our exacting specifications.

Delivery driven

Devin clients get the right design, at the right price, with the right installation, thus helping projects to be delivered to programme.


As specialists, we focus on the key areas of water containment, water treatment, water features, heat experiences and movable pool structures such as floors, booms and access lifts, and the integration of these elements into the building design and engineering.


Unconstrained by alliances with manufacturers or contractors, we only design to deliver the best possible result for both clients and users.


20+ years of success that is the result of early problem solving at RIBA Stage 2, exacting specifications and rigorous commissioning that combine to reduce risk and increase project efficiency.

Increased sustainability

Through improved hydraulic design, system controls, plant specification and water recovery, our solutions can be up to 50% more efficient than other designs and providers.

Managed completion before handover

  • Rigorous commissioning procedures established at the design stage
  • Independent on-site commissioning verification
  • Independent ultrasonic flow readings
  • Independent chemical and microbiological tests

Ongoing quest for greater quality

  • Independently certified ISO 9001:2015 company
  • Detailed in-house project delivery plans
  • Seamless design integration managed with BIM using 3D Revit design software
  • Detailed quality control procedures with extensive on-site monitoring.

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