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Alnwick Garden


Alnwick Garden Trust



Project Details:

A range of exciting water features including the Upper Garden, The Grand Cascade and the interactive features in the Serpent Garden. Features were designed by the water sculptor William Pye.

Our Role:

Water quality consultants to Alnwick Garden.

Design Team



Aquatic Consultants:

Devin Consulting

Water Features:

William Pye

At The Alnwick Garden, water quality is of utmost importance in the garden both for aesthetic and for safety reasons. Both the Upper Garden and the Grand Cascade are subject to pollution largely from the environment. Although the water in both of these areas is highly aerated through the operation of the features and the cascades themselves, additional treatment is required in order to keep the water quality in top condition.

A large plant room is provided beneath the cascade to house all the pumps for the various water features. A system of sophisticated software, pneumatic and solenoid valves, and variable speed drives serve to control the mechanical equipment that provide the extensive array of water features.