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National Engineering Day 2022

02 November 2022

Since November 2019, the Royal Academy of Engineering has led a national awareness day to raise public awareness of how engineers make a difference in the world and celebrate how engineers shape the future. 

2 November 2022 is National Engineering Day (formerly This is Engineering Day), a day that aims to make the UK’s engineers and engineering more visible and celebrate how they improve everyday lives and shape the world around us.  

This year’s theme: improving lives through engineering

We asked our team of skilled Engineers what it meant to them to be an Engineer and these were their responses:

  • I really enjoy working with 3D modelling software and wanted to specialise in it, I can use my talent to find solutions that no one else has thought of.
  • I got into engineering as I enjoy problem solving, engineering gives me the opportunity to tackle new challenges everyday
  • I got into engineering as I was inspired.  Growing up in the north east and learning about William Armstrong's hydraulic and hydro-electricity engineering breakthroughs at Cragside, and George & Robert Stephenson's steam engineering locomotives at the railway museum in Wallsend.
  • I chose to be an engineer to work within a constantly challenging and ever-changing industry, that strives to provide the most innovative solutions to modern-day challenges.
  • It’s great to have an impact on exciting projects and see your hard work and ideas come to life.

At Devin, our Engineers improve lives by designing pools and spas to their optimum performance, with crystal clear water filtered by carefully designed pool water treatment systems and spa experiences that offer the end user a whole host of physical and mental benefits.

Here's a couple of quick facts about Engineers:

  • More than 8.1 million people – or over a quarter of all UK workers (26%) – are part of the nation’s engineering economy
  • The UK has 729,000 engineering businesses – equivalent to more than one in 10 (13%) of all UK businesses
    For more information, visit the Royal Academy of Engineering

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