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resilience at work

09 March 2021

Last year's events will have impacted even the hardiest of us on some level.  Personal resilience is going to play a huge part in our ability to head into 2021 and beyond with positivity, so we were delighted to welcome Karl Beckett, Leadership Coach to deliver to staff an online resilience workshop and take us through his bespoke Resilience Valley Model.   One of our team had the following to say about the course, “the thing that really resonated with me was the idea of having an emotional bank account.  Karl asked us to think about the deposits and withdrawals – so for me, getting daily exercise and fresh air was a really important ‘deposit’ and some of the things that were being debited from my emotional bank account were worries about homeschooling and making sure I was giving my kids what they need.’ 

It’s very easy to see how the balance of our well-being can be tipped.  The whole team agreed that the personal stories and the practical tips could be adapted and used to help us all bounce back this year.   Karl Beckett