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Pool Operations Under Covid

09 December 2020

The IAKS online conference held last week was a great success.  In a public forum expert panelists from around the world discussed future challenges of pool developments in light of our current COVID-19 conditions.  Expertise was drawn on from the different disciplines of architecture, engineering, and operations.   As part of the engineering panel of experts, Tom Devin says, “for a swimming pool with a properly designed water treatment system, operated in accordance with the PWTAG updated technical notes on disinfection, the pool water presents negligible or no risk of Covid-19 infection”. 

Some of the key messages from the conference were:

  • PWTAG has published 6 new technical notes addressing various aspects of pool operation under Covid-19
  • Ventilation should ideally be 100% fresh air
  • This ventilation approach may drop the pool hall humidity below the normal level
  • Additional heat may be required to maintain the pool hall temperature.