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Pennyhill Park

26 January 2021

Pennyhill Park, the luxury 5-star hotel and spa located in Surrey, has been a favourite training camp for England’s Rugby squad for a number of years.  While guests may not be so interested in the 100m x 70m pitch or the fact that it is an exact replica of the pitch at Twickenham Stadium, they will be in the spa.  With its 6 pools and 10 heat experience cabins, it is a huge attraction for leisure travellers interested in health and wellness, and it has recently had a major upgrade. 

Devin was appointed to audit the spa and to benchmark the condition of the heat experience cabins so that the right level of upgrade could be carried out.  In addition, our engineers completed an audit of the water treatment systems and developed a tailored design and tender specification for the upgrade – this included major equipment renewal and installation of ultraviolet treatment to provide enhanced bather water quality.

Outstanding water quality is a key element of every Devin designed system – guests may be blown away by the stunning surroundings and the exquisite design of the hotel and spa, but it is the specialist engineering that completes the bathers' wellness experience.