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Game-changing modelling

19 August 2021

Over the last year, Devin Consulting has invested considerable resources in some very specific research and development which will have lasting impact on pool water engineering design.  We have developed a computer modelling system using computational flow dynamics (CFD) to maximise our understanding of pool water distribution.  This technique essentially simulates a pool dye test – a procedure which is carried out at commissioning to demonstrate water circulation in a pool.  A  typical pool with good water distribution will be fully coloured with dye after a 15 minute period.  The challenge of this type of test is that it happens once the pool is built and filled!  The very nature of it also means the test may only be witnessed from the pool surround with a limited view of what is happening beneath the surface.  It’s very difficult to know how effective the system is and whether there is a good distribution of water right down to the bottom of the pool. The pros and cons of water distribution and inlet and outlet locations has a long history of debate in the industry and as aquatic facilities becoming increasingly more features-led the engineering required becomes more complex.  CFD will be invaluable in understanding water distribution at the early stages of design with minimal impact and risk to the project. 

In the coming weeks, Devin will be presenting more of our research and sharing some video footage of our modelling – if you’re interested in finding out more, do get in touch.