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Future Spa Design

15 April 2021

The wellness industry is expecting a great uptake in visits to health and leisure facilities in the coming months as we all transition from lockdown.  Many of us feel the need to recharge and reward ourselves but there will be those who remain nervous about using spa facilities.  Research has shown that the Coronavirus is killed at a temperature of 56°C - saunas operate at around 70°-90°C so the actual heat experience cabin is perfectly safe.  The bigger challenge is getting from a changing room to the spa or pool, and it is this element that is likely to inform future spa and pool design for many years to come.  Center Parcs is one operator that has future-proofed their facilities with individual changing cubicles that allow users to enter from the dry side and exit directly to the wet side.  Guest and bather safety has never been more important or more at the forefront of discussion around pool and spa design and there are some really interesting articles from all elements of the industry in this year's Spa Business Handbook.  Here's the link if you've not already seen a copy.