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Freedom for swimmers

22 July 2021

What does ‘Freedom Day’ mean for swimming guidance and Covid-19?

Since the pandemic, the Pool Water Treatment Advisory Group (PWTAG) has worked tirelessly in preparing and publishing Covid-19 guidance for the pool industry.  In total, 7 Technical Notes were published covering many aspects of Covid-19 with regards to pool use, shut down and re-opening.  Our MD, Tom Devin, who is also a Director of PWTAG, has advised on many of these Technical Notes and presented key details at IAKS and PWTAG conferences. 

It was established at the outset of the pandemic that while pool users were in the water, they remained safe from infection from the water once the recommended parameters for chlorine and pH were maintained.  The potential danger of infection was in public areas, from close contact and insufficient sanitising.  Operators continued to maintain social distancing in changing rooms and restricted the number of pool users by introducing online booking systems. 

Now that the final restrictions are lifted, what does that mean for pool users? 

Aquatic-based classes and team sports can now legally resume, however many local authorities and venues are introducing services in a measured and controlled fashion.  Due to the numbers of self-isolation cases rising in the UK, individual venues are safeguarding their teams and visitors with a number of steps initially such as pre-booking of activities and the requirement that users turn up on time, and regular cleaning/sanitising of equipment.

For the latest Covid-19 information, please refer to https://www.gov.uk/coronavirus