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EG SkyPool

01 June 2021

The definition of the word unique is “only one of its kind; unlike anything else.”  It’s a word that is often misused… but not in this case.  Embassy Gardens Sky Pool is a world first.  It is unique.  Suspended 35m in the air, the Sky Pool is filled with 148,000 litres of water and spans 15 metres, ten storeys high, between two apartment buildings to allow residents to swim between buildings.  And if that is not daunting enough, the pool tank is transparent so swimmers can see exactly how high they are suspended.

The pool tank had quite the journey to arrive at its final home at Embassy Gardens; from Colorado to Texas by road, then across the Atlantic to the Netherlands before making its way up the Thames to Albert Embankment.

Embassy Gardens development is a joint venture for EcoWorld and Ballymore and is one of three of their waterside projects in London.  The Sky Pool is part of the Eg:le Club for Embassy Gardens residents.  The pool tank is crystal clear appearing to float in between two buildings and opens out to a Sky Deck on either side with access to a terrace bar and restaurant.  

As industry leaders in specialist engineering for pools and spas, Devin Consulting has been appointed to many amazing projects, and this one has been memorable.  The pool water treatment for a transparent pool requires first-class water quality at all times and the Devin team was thrilled to work alongside the EcoWorld Ballymore project team, including Arup, O’Connor Sutton Cronin, and Eckersley O’Callaghan to help deliver this unique pool that will change the London skyline forever.