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Our men in berlin

06 October 2017

Devin Engineers Steven Thomas and Adam Karimian were delighted to attend the IAAPA European Attractions Show in Berlin last week to review the latest industry developments, waterpark products, rides and technology.  They also found time to visit Tropical Islands which features the world’s largest indoor rainforest and has a variety of indoor water rides including a 27m high waterslide tower, waterfalls, lazy river, stainless steel swimming and lagoon pools.  There's even a 200m long indoor beach with a sea area larger than 3 Olympic size swimming pools, and a 10,000m2 sauna and spa area.  It takes quite a structure to house all of this - a building taller than the statue of liberty and longer than the height of the Eiffel tower.  If that's not enough to keep you busy there's a 35,000m2 outdoor open air water park with a variety of pools, massage & interactive play features and Germany's largest river rapids ride.

Sounds like fun...and they call this work.