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11 February 2020

Last week was National Apprenticeship Week and we thought this was a good opportunity to introduce Jake Davey who joined us last July from Tyne North Training. 

Devin Consulting is a big supporter of this scheme; our first apprentice, Andrew Gibson completed his full apprenticeship and is and integral member of our design team.  He is also continuing with further education to complete his HND this year.  Jake has proven himself to be a good student & colleague, and we hope he follows suit in continuing his education with Tyne North Training and Devin Consulting.

       What does a typical day on your apprenticeship programme look like?      A typical day on my apprenticeship programme involves co-ordination meetings so that the design team understand what work is to be carried out through the day in order to achieve deadlines, producing schematics, designing plantroom arrangements, and producing other drawings which are used to help produce a final product.
  What THREE skills would you say are essential for your role?  
  1. An eye for detail
  2. Confidence in the use of 3D modelling software
  3. The ability to communicate clearly