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Freedom for swimmers

22 July 2021

What does ‘Freedom Day’ mean for swimming guidance and Covid-19? Since the pandemic, the Pool Water Treatment Advisory Group (...

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EG SkyPool

01 June 2021

The definition of the word unique is “only one of its kind; unlike anything else.”  It’s a word that is often misused… but not ...

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Future Spa Design

15 April 2021

The wellness industry is expecting a great uptake in visits to health and leisure facilities in the coming months as we all tra...

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Battersea Power Station

30 March 2021

The restoration of one of London's most well-known landmark buildings is near completion and the first residents of Battersea P...

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resilience at work

09 March 2021

Last year's events will have impacted even the hardiest of us on some level.  Personal resilience is going to play a huge part ...

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pwtag 2021

24 February 2021

We were all happy to hear the recent news that lockdown restrictions are being gradually lifted over the coming months but it's...

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Pennyhill Park

26 January 2021

Pennyhill Park, the luxury 5-star hotel and spa located in Surrey, has been a favourite training camp for England’s Rugby squad...

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Virtual Spatex

12 January 2021

Most of us are social creatures who thrive on face-to-face contact with our colleagues and friends, and over the last year, man...

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Pool Operations Under Covid

09 December 2020

The IAKS online conference held last week was a great success.  In a public forum expert panelists from around the world discus...

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Virtual Pool Conference

18 November 2020

New ways of working are the norm this year.  Trade shows have been cancelled and conferences are now being held virtually.  IAK...

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