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Eastbourne College


Eastbourne College



Project Details:

25m pool

Our Role:

Pool tank design advice, design and specification of the pool water treatment system, site monitoring of installation and commissioning works.

Design Team

Project Manager:

Northgates Limited


Miller Bourne Architects

Quantity Surveyor:

F T Allen

Structural Engineer:

Gyoury Self Partnership

M & E Engineers:

Hoare Lea

Pool Consultant:

Devin Consulting

competition pool

PWTAG compliant pool water treatment system serving an 8 lane 25m competition pool with raised ends to be used by Eastbourne College for swimming training, amateur swimming competitions and for external swimming clubs.  The water treatment system incorporates PAC flocculation, medium rate filtration on single grade sand beds, photo-oxidation using ultraviolet radiation, heating, pH control and residual disinfectant control using chlorine.