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Clondalkin Leisure Centre


South Dublin Council



Construction Cost:


Project Details:

25m x 17m pool with movable floor and submersible boom.

Our Role:

Water treatment on all pools, movable floor and submersible boom.

Design Team


South Dublin Council

Structural Engineer:


M & E Engineers:

Faber Maunsell

Pool Consultant:

Devin Consulting

award winning leisure centre with competition pool

At Clondalkin Leisure Centre a single plantroom is provided for all of the specialist equipment including the water treatment system, the movable floor and the submersible boom.

When submerged, the submersible boom is housed in a water-retaining reinforced concrete structural trench in the base of the pool.

The water treatment system incorporates a water distribution system to ensure water is distributed to all parts of the pool including into the boom trench and both above and below the movable floor, circulation pumping, PAC flocculation, medium rate sand filtration, ultraviolet irradiation, pH control and disinfectant residual control.