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National Ice Rink, Nottingham


Nottingham City



Project Details:

60m x 30m arena ice pad, 60m x 30m community ice pad.

Our Role:

Ice pads and refrigeration.

Design Team


FaulknerBrowns, Nottingham CC

M & E Engineers:


Ice Consultants:


The two ice pads in this facility are designed along the same principles, with ice pads flush with the ice rink surrounds so as to enable easy access both on an off the ice. Header trenches are provided at the end of each ice rink to accommodate the mild steel header pipework that supplies the polyethylene chilled glycol circuits. Independent snow pits are provided local to each ice rink.

A single refrigeration plant serves the two ice pads, with independent temperature control for the ice on each pad. The refrigeration system utilises three reciprocating chillers mounted on a single skid, ammonia as the refrigerant, and two 40% ethylene glycol secondary refrigeration circuits to provide cooling to the pads themselves. The ice pads are formed from reinforced concrete with vapour membranes and insulating layers below, and heater mats to prevent frost heave.

Demineralised water is used for the ice making. Heat recovery from the refrigeration system is used to preheat the resurfacing water, melt the snow in the snow pits and provide heat for the ice pad heater mats.